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Name:Anna Kenwood
Birthdate:Jan 14

Anna Marie Kenwood

· Date of Birth: January 14, 1990
· Attributes:Headstrong and stubborn, and commanding. Somewhat an adrenaline junky, can appear impulsive but is highly calculating.
Likes: Audis (and other European luxury cars), zombie movies, exercising, travel, pestering people, a great fitting pair of jeans
Dislikes: formal, fancy affairs, turbulence, werewolves, dogs (especially barking ones), confined spaces
· Family: Mother: Elaina Renée Sufton Kenwood
Father: Montgomery Elias Kenwood
Brothers: None
Sisters: Rumored to have a half-sister
· Power(s): telepathy; possesses various telepathic talents; able to read minds and project her thoughts into the minds of others, project psionic force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain or unconsciousness, and can also induce mental pain merely by touching the brow of her victim. Anna can telepathically "sedate" her victims so that, if already rendered unconscious, they remain so for as long as she continues to "sedate" them. It is unknown how effective her "sedating" ability is on victims who are awake.
transmorph; can now transform her skin and hair into a diamond-hard form at will. In this form, Anna is nigh indestructible except for one small flaw that, if exploited, can cause her to shatter. Whilst in her diamond form, Anna's telepathic abilities are suppressed.
· History: Anna-Marie Kenwood comes from a highly affluent family from Southern California. Her mother, Elaina, the stereotypical SoCal trophy wife, was always more concerned with maintaining her social status and doing every off the wall cosmetic procedure to fight the signs of aging. Her father, Montgomery, was the typical corporate CEO that was more concerned with making business deals rather than forming and maintaining a normal family. Arguments based on the main way to handle the family actually split her parents even though they have yet to sever their marriage to this date.

Monty took Anna with him when he would spend time in France as those vineyards were as equally important to him as those in California. Living in the sprawling, nurturing wine country, she was able to be raised as a bilingual but also far more relaxed and focused on the world around her instead of the vain, pantie-hating celebutaunts spawned in Los Angeles. Now, it was not to say there was not an influence from them. She was raised with little concept that money could be limited for them, she was given practically everything her heart desired and she has grown comfortable with the power connected to her last name. When she spent time in California or near her mother, she would undoubtedly end up paraded around to make social headlines or try to push her into dating and modeling.

She hated it, her love became racing cars but only when in Europe. To this day, Anna still does not grasp the purpose or appeal of Nascar. She prefers finesse, feeling out the road and the car and anticipating the other drivers. Turns out, her telepathy allowed her to better feel out the others and it helps when out and about. Her ability to shift into an organic diamond was discovered after an accident during a practice drive and it was the sole reason she was able to walk away from the crash. Her family has since kept her abilities under wraps and she rarely admits to telepathy as it allows her to avoid people trying to curtail their thoughts and opinions.

The decision to start attending the Valerius Institute was hers, it was a chance to escape both of her parents and spend time with her friend, Zayne Young. He was actually the one to tell her of the school and encouraged her to enroll.
· Relationship(s): Zayne Young has been her one true friend most of her life, most relationships are superficial and short termed. Has recently taken a shine to Parker Roy and hopes for a bit more than hand holding while watching Vincent Price movies in their future.

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